Sello's Training Institute

Empowering Our People with Information and Training

About Us

Sello's Computer Institute t/a Sello's Training Institute is service provider established in 2009 as a computer school. The institution is 100% owned by historically disadvantaged individuals, the institution is well resourced to ensure sustainable human settlement and conducive learning for all.


Empowering our people with information and training.


Provide Accredited and Relevant Education, Training and Development to Cater for educational  Needs of our society.


Our accreditation

 The Institution is accredited with:     

  • Media, Information and Communication Technologies (MICT Seta) ACC/2012/06/910
  • Education Training Development Practice (ETDP SETA) ETDP10910
  • Health and Welfare Sector (HW SETA)  QCTO/OQAC/17/00047                             
  • Quality Council of Trade and Occupation (QCTO) SDP1227/17/00334
  • Independent Examination Board (IEB) 11108                                          


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